Caylee Hammack’s Dad Inspires a Song on Alan Jackson’s Album, Where Have You Gone

Caylee Hammack’s Dad Inspires a Song on Alan Jackson’s Album, Where Have You Gone

Alan Jackson‘s number-1 album Where Have You Gone includes a song that was inspired by a letter Caylee Hammack sent to Alan about her dad.

The story starts when Alan joined Caylee on her cover of Don Williams‘ “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good”…

After her dad heard the song, which had his daughter singing with the country music legend…well, he got a little emotional. This is not a usual thing for Caylee’s dad, so when she wrote Alan to thank him for contributing to the song, Caylee shared her dad’s reaction.

This inspired Alan to write “A Man Who Never Cries”…he shares the story behind the song…

When the song was done, her team got wind of it, and sent it to Caylee…but they didn’t tell her about her special connection to the song at first…

Caylee shares the story of what happened the first time she heard Alan’s “A Man Who Never Cries”, “I listened to the song, and I just fell in love with the song and it made me think of my dad. Well, I’m already excited to listen to a (new) Alan Jackson song but I don’t know why I’ve gotten the chance to. I called the team and I tell them it reminds me of my dad, but why did he send it? They explain to me that this was inspired by a letter that I had written Alan Jackson and a line specifically about my dad, a man that never cries but crying happy tears when he heard our version of ‘Lord I Hope This Day is Good.’ It just blew me away to be completely honestly. I didn’t even know to wish for this, but still it’s just a dream come true. I’m so grateful to Alan Jackson, Mr. Jackson, I don’t know what I should call him just yet, but I am so very grateful. He made my dad’s day, once again.”

Alan probably made Caylee’s dad’s day once again when he invited her to play at his Where I Come From Benefit Concert on June 26th


Fans at the show will most likely get to hear Caylee Hammack sing this one… “Small Town Hypocrite” featuring Chris Stapleton

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville