What Makes the Perfect Hot Dog to Most Americans?

A hot dog and chips on a plate
(Photo credit: YouTube)

It’s the summer and the Fourth of July, so you know hot dogs are going to be served a lot right now. A recent survey found out what most Americans say makes the “perfect” hot dog.

US Foods conducted a survey of 1,000 people to find out the most popular way to prepare a hot dog.

Their results found that to have the “perfect” hot dog it has to be grilled. It should also be served on a white bun, not wheat.

When it came to topping the hot dog, the answers varied some depending on which state people were from. However, the #1 overall answer at 73% was mustard. Ketchup came in second with 62%. Third was a three-way tie at 50% each for onions, relish, and chili.

By the way, mustard was #1 on the toppings list in 14 states. Ketchup was the tops in 12 states, relish in 10, onions in 8 and chili in 6.

Personally, I love a grilled hot dog on a white bun with cheese and ketchup … and maybe some bacon bits sprinkled on top.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens