Watch Thomas Rhett’s Hilariously Discuss Why He Needs to Hit the Gym

Thomas Rhett
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Thomas Rhett posted a TikTok video of himself interacting with his wife Lauren Akins about why he became self-conscious about having a dad bod.

TR talks about how supportive his wife is to his career. He jokingly states that Lauren even helped write a couple of his songs.

He then asks her, “how did that tank top hit you” that he was planning on wearing on stage. TR shares that he buttoned up his outer shirt before hitting the stage because Lauren and their friends were making fun of the tank top.

TR also shared that while doing an interview before going on stage the camera man told him to “suck it in.”

I guess it is nice to know even country stars deal with the same life issues the rest of us do. 😂

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens