Watch: Luke Bryan Slips on Cell Phone and Falls on Stage

(Video has language that may not be suitable for work.)

Luke Bryan is somewhat notorious for little accidents on stage. He has taken multiple falls while on stage and even fell OFF a stage. Well, he did it again!

Saturday night, April 20th while performing at the Coast City Country festival in Vancouver, BC, Luke walked across the stage and went heels up. The fall actually looked pretty nasty.

However, Luke brushed it off with his usual comedic style. After holding up a cell phone (indicating that was what he slipped on) he asked the audience if anybody got it on video. He tossed the phone he fell on back to the owner and jokingly said, “My lawyer will be calling.”

One fan handed him their phone with the video on it. Luke played the video for the audience to see through his cameras on the big screen. He then said, “Hey, I need some viral. This is viral alright. This is viral.”

Since the incident, I have read one report where Luke says it was actually just a slick stage that caused his fall. Perhaps that is true, or maybe he just wants the fan who threw the phone on the stage not to feel bad.

Glad Luke is alright as is his sense of humor after the fall.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens