Cole Swindell Recalls Asking Fiancé’s Father for Permission to Propose

Cole Swindell
(Photo courtesy of Warner Music Nashville)

Cole Swindell is engaged to Courtney Little. In a recent interview he recalled how nervous he was to pop the question and to get permission from her father.

Cole shared that while he was sure Courtney’s answer would be yes, he was nervous when it came time to actually ask the question. He went to the house she grew up in to get her dad’s permission first. Cole said this about asking for her father’s blessing to pop the question,

“That was definitely more nerve racking than asking her to marry me. Just because I can’t imagine being a dad and having a daughter and … I don’t know that I would think anybody’s good enough for her, you know. And he reminds me a lot of my dad, just a great guy. And her whole family, I mean … I think losing both your parents so young, to have a second chance to, you know (have) a family like that. I still have my brothers, and some uncles and aunts and stuff, but they are just … I mean, I don’t know it just reminds me of my family and that’s a big part of the whole deal. You know, gettin’ to marry into a family like that and I just think it’s been a blessing.”

Obviously both her father and Courtney said yes to Cole. His current single “Forever To Me” is inspired by his fiancé.

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By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens