9 Places in Your Office with the Most Germs

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If you are a germaphobe that works in an office, you may not want to read this blog. If you do, you will likely need to buy plenty of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer.

The Huffington Post reports that experts have revealed the nine places in your office that are the germiest. Most of them are unavoidable.

1.  Door handles.
Since EVERYBODY touches them, they are usually the germiest.

2.  Your keyboard.
Every square inch of the average keyboard contains over 3,000 microscopic organisms.

3.  Your desk.
It is covered with your own germs, plus any you pick up on your hands and arms.

4.  The shared microwave and fridge.
Another place where most of your co-works touch the handles and buttons.

5.  The water cooler.
Again, another spot many people touch. However, germs could be in the water itself. Water tanks aren’t always cleaned regularly according to some studies.

6.  The bathroom.
They are likely not cleaned as much, or as well as you might think. Another reason you probably shouldn’t use your phone in there.

7.  Elevator buttons.
Multiple touch points that get a lot of finger traffic.

8.  Vending machines.
These are worse than elevator buttons. They have more nooks and crannies that are hard to clean, and honestly who knows if the cleaning crew even cleans them.

9.  Your phone.
All the germs and bacteria that get on your hands from all over the office gets transferred as soon as you pick up your phone.

If this all worries you, make sure to wash your hands at work regularly throughout the day and wipe down your personal work area and items often.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens