Watch: Parker McCollum Talks Vision + Taking Risks for “Burn It Down” Music Video

Country artist Parker McCollum gives fans a glimpse behind the scenes of his fiery music video for “Burn It Down,” which was shot in New Mexico on the Laguna Indian Reservation.

The video features pyrotechnics and a desert setting, with Parker embracing the explosive theme from the start. “It was actually really cold [in] the morning, then it got really hot at night and then the smoke and the fire, and they want me to walk through it over and over, take after take after take,” the Texas native recalls.

Despite the challenges of filming in extreme conditions, the video turned out great and has helped propel the song to number four on the country charts. “I’m walking through like this chemical burning black smoke, [and] I’m like, ‘This is really risking it for a music video,’” he continues. “But it turned out great.”

Fans can catch Parker on his “Burn It Down Tour,” with upcoming shows in Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, and more.

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