Morgan Wallen Warns Fans About Unauthorized Music Release

Morgan Wallen
(Photo courtesy of Big Loud Records)

Morgan Wallen is warning his fans through a post on X that a new album of songs has been released today (January 26), but he has nothing to do with it and isn’t approving of its release.

Morgan regrets signing a recording and artist management deal in 2014, which resulted in a 13-song album. Five of the songs were released on his 2015 EP Stand Alone, while the others were not up to his standards and were never released.

Morgan claims his colleagues from 10 years ago released a deluxe edition of Stand Alone that includes eight more tracks from the recording session. Morgan has tried to prevent those eight songs from being released because, “these songs were not my idea nor to my standards.”

Morgan calls the move from his previous management “gross, greedy, and an example of how the dark side of the music business can suck the soul out of artists.”

Morgan will re-record his song “Spin You Around” to gain ownership and he pledged $100,000 to the Foundation to the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals For The Arts (VLPA) program to make sure other artists didn’t suffer the same situation.

The good news from his statement is that he will begin recording new music for his next project at the end of February.

You can read Morgan Wallen’s complete statement in his post on X below.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens