Kane Brown Shares Preview of Powerful New Song About His Depression

Kane Brown
(Photo courtesy of SMN/Credit: Matthew Berinato)

Kane Brown used social media to share a preview of a powerful new song that addresses his battle with depression.

Kane has said that he has been working toward writing more about some of the harder, personal parts of his life. He has been very willing to talk about some of those struggles in interviews. However, he has never really addressed them in his own music … until now.

Wednesday night (1/10) Kane posted a video to Instagram of a recording studio with a song playing. The message with the video was, “Sneak preview of a heavy song about depression and horrible thoughts and feelings that I feel like a lot of us go through but don’t like to talk about with other people. If you relate to the song at all just know you’re not alone and I love you ❤️”

A fan shared the video on X with her thanks to Kane for letting his fans know they are not alone.

Kane did not state the title of the song, but based on what we heard it could be “Haunted.” He has not yet made any announcements about a new album. However, Kane’s current single “I Can Feel It” is not on an album. Now with this preview of another new song perhaps an announcement is coming soon.

What song helped you get through a tough time in your life?

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens