Watch: Dolly Parton Sings “Rocky Top” At Tennessee-Georgia Game

The Tennessee Volunteers and their fans had a performance from Dolly Parton on Saturday, (11/18). They loved the performance even though audio troubles made it “rocky” at times.

The East Tennessee native and country legend appeared at the end of the first quarter during Tennessee’s game against the reigning national champion Georgia Bulldogs. Parton stepped onto the field in bedazzled Tennessee orange with a star-studded white blazer.

Parton performed “Rocky Top,” Tennessee’s state anthem and the Vols’ battle song since the early 1970s, at the Knoxville stadium. Parton joined former Tennessee quarterback and NFL icon Peyton Manning on the field to support the local team.

The team’s marching band was with Dolly. Her passion for her home state came through, despite the sound going out. After leaving the field, Parton told CBS Sports she appreciated her performance despite technical challenges.

What did you think of Dolly’s performance?