Listen: Kane Brown Releases Reimagined Version of “Blue Christmas” Featuring Elvis Presley

Kane Brown and Elvis Presley

Kane Brown has released his version of the iconic Christmas Song “Blue Christmas” featuring the voice of Elvis Presley!

A few months ago, Kane released his version of the holiday classic. The song was originally recorded in 1948 by Doye O’Dell. Over the next almost decade, several versions of the song were recorded including by country artists Ernest Tubb.

The song became the mega-holiday hit it is today when Elvis Presley recorded it for his Elvis’ Christmas Album in 1957.

A little more than a week ago, Kane Brown released a reimagined version of the song with vocals by both himself and Elvis. Give it a listen below and let us know if you like “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley featuring Kane Brown.

(Kane Brown photo courtesy of SMN/Credit: Diwang Valdez and Elvis Presley photo courtesy of John Greensmith)

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens