Viral Video: Young Woman Asks How People Looked Things Up Before the Internet

Sarah Adelman in TikTok viral video
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Sarah Adelman was born in 1997 and has gone viral because she doesn’t understand how people found out things before the internet.

Sarah (who is either 25 or 26, depending on her birthday) posted the video below on TikTok. She says it is a genuine question about how people looked up things they wanted to know before the internet was around.

She questioned how you would find out an actor’s name and what you did before Google Maps and MapQuest. The post has received over 15 thousand comments in response to her question.

I feel like somebody in her family should buy her a road atlas for Christmas this year.

I wonder if anybody has told her that there used to be a phone number you could call to get the correct time, temperature and weather forecast?

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens