Poll: What Leftovers Would You Eat Cold?

Food inside a refrigerator
Food inside a refrigerator (Photo credit: YouTube)

A recent poll asked people what leftover foods they were alright with eating right out of the fridge, cold? Find out if you would eat the food on the list cold or if you would have to heat them up.

1.  Pizza, 83% would eat it cold.

2.  Fried chicken, 60% would eat it cold.

3.  Quesadillas, 58% would eat them cold.

4.  Bacon, 55% would eat it cold.

5.  Pancakes, 51% would eat them cold.

6.  Burritos, 48% would eat them cold.

7.  Buffalo wings, 42% would eat them cold.

8.  Fried rice, 40% would eat it cold.

9.  Orange chicken, 40% would eat it cold.

10.  French fries, 36% would eat them cold.

11.  Lasagna, 35% would eat it cold.

12.  Barbecue ribs, 35% would eat them cold.

13.  Hot dogs, 33% would eat them cold.

14.  Cheeseburgers, 33% would eat them cold.

15.  Mac & cheese, 33% would eat it cold.

16.  Brussels sprouts, 29% would eat them cold.

17.  Mashed potatoes, 28% would eat it cold.

18.  Chili, 17% would eat it cold.

19.  Biscuits and gravy, 8% would eat it cold.

Personally, I have been known to eat fried-battered fish cold which many people I know think is strange.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens