Brett Young has Learned the Art of Not Fighting for Certain Things He Wants

Brett Young
Brett Young (Photo courtesy of BMLG)

When Brett Young’s first daughter was born, he had a name he really loved that he wanted to name her. He fought hard for his choice. However, ultimately his wife won the name game and chose Presley. By the way, Brett thinks is the absolute perfect name for her.

Brett’s second daughter is named Rowan, which was his number one choice. We wondered what Brett learned from his first go-round with baby names that helped him get the name he wanted for the next one?

“The only lesson I learned is that the only way to get my way is to not tell her what my favorite is. It’s like if she comes out and shows you a black dress and then comes out and shows you a red dress, and goes, ‘Which one do you like?’ If you want the red one, say you like the black one. Like that’s the way to do it. And so, with this one I knew I wanted Rowan. It was my favorite, but I knew if I weighed in there was a less of a chance of me getting it, so I completely left it alone. And we were two days into having the baby, she was two days old, before Taylor was like, ‘You know what, I think Rowan’s the one.’ And I was like, ‘You know, babe, I think you’re right. And inside it was like, YES!”

What decisions have you let somebody else think was their idea to get what you wanted?

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens