Brett Young’s Latest Song is a Complete Lie, But for a Good Reason

Brett Young
Brett Young (Photo credit: Curtis Hilbun,

When you listen to Brett Young’s latest single, “You Didn’t,” it’s hard not to notice how kind and understanding the guy in the song is being to the girl who broke his heart. Brett shares that he and his co-writers knew the song was a lie from the very beginning.

“We knew when we were writing this song that the guy was absolutely lying, but for her sake. He still loved and cared about her so much he was willing to lie and say what she needed to hear so she could move on without feeling guilty. We all hope that we’re as kind as the guy singing this song. And we spent a lot of time learning how to lie in order to write this song. But, that being said, I think that our goal, and I think that we achieved it – I hope at least – is that you can be a grown-up and mature. You know, it’s not always somebody trying to hurt you. Sometimes it’s somebody saying it’s not working on their end, and that has to be okay sometimes.”

The reaction of the guy in the song is not what you would expect from a guy who just got broken up with. In fact, it almost makes the song even more sad that he’s being so nice and supportive while hurting himself.

Have you ever covered up your own feeling to make it easier for the person you cared for so much? Share you story with us.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens