Chris Janson Had Love at First Sight with His Wife Kelly

Chris Janson
(Photo courtesy of BMLG)

The first time Chris Janson ever saw his wife Kelly was in a pool hall in downtown Nashville, and it was love at first sight. Once he got the chance to speak to her, Chris shares the qualities that only added to her beauty and made him fall for her even harder.

“I didn’t speak to her that night, you know. It took me like a while to speak to her. I just never had the opportunity, and I guess the first night I was probably a little bit bashful about doin’ it. But man, I was immediately so attracted to her work ethic. I mean, obviously, the looks, that’s a given. Like, she smokin’. But you know, her work ethic, her great leadership of a home – you know, she was a single mom at the time, and just the way she was raising her kids and the way that she could just really jump into any situation and get it done. I mean, that was a great partner for me because I’m the same exact way. And not only was I totally in love with her, and totally immersed with her from the very get go of looking, but once we got together, it was really a powerhouse duo.”

Chris and Kelly will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary on July 4, 2023, and they are still just as in love as when they first met. Chris’ brand-new song “All I Need Is You” was inspired by Kelly.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens