Brett Young was so Excited About Kinda, Sorta, Not Really Sounding Like One of His Idols

Brett Young
(Photo courtesy of BMLG)

When Brett Young got together with Ashley Gorley, Jon Night and Jimmy Robbins to write his song, “You Didn’t,” he was definitely feeling the influence of one of his favorite groups of all time.

“We were on a writers’ retreat down in Florida, a lot of the same, usual suspects. And we had already written two songs that day, and so that felt like a successful day. We all went to dinner, and at dinner we started talking about we all have like, mutual love for Boyz II Men. I’ve been obsessed for a long time, Ashley Gorley – same, Jon Knight – same, and Jimmy Robbins – same. So, we just said, you know what, let’s just go get something started tonight with kind of that Boyz II Men kinda throwback vibe, and then we can finish up tomorrow. And we got back from dinner at like 8:30 and Jimmy started with a little bit of music, and we were like, guys, we’re not going to bed. We’ve gotta write this. We got so excited that I FaceTimed Wanya from Boyz II Men, and I was like, ‘Listen to this! This sounds like you.’ Totally doesn’t sound like him. It was me singing, but we just got so excited.”

Listen to Brett sing “You Didn’t” below and decide for yourself if he sounds like Boyz II Men.