Naomi Judd Left Both Her Daughters, Wynonna and Ashley, Out of Her Will

Naomi Judd Photo Credit Derrek Kupish

News is starting to leak that Naomi Judd left her only two daughters, Wynonna and Ashley, out of her last will and testament.

The will was prepared on Nov. 20, 2017, nearly five years before Naomi died.

Naomi, who died by suicide in April, appointed her husband, Larry Strickland, as executor of her estate.

According to court documents, Naomi gave her husband “full authority and discretion” over any property that is an asset to her estate “without the approval of any court” or “permission from any beneficiary of the estate.”

She also stated, that Larry Strickland would be entitled to receive “reasonable compensation” for his services, and that he would be paid or reimbursed for all “reasonable expenses, advances and disbursements, including attorney’s and accountant’s fees, made or incurred in the administration of my estate.”

Neither Wynonna or Ashley were named in the will, and the will was signed by witnesses that said Naomi was of “sound mind and body” when she made her wishes known.

Sources say Wynona is reportedly ‘upset’ about being left out of the will, not only as her daughter, but as her longtime singing partner as well.