You Probably Don’t Want Tim McGraw Working On Your Cars

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw (Photo courtesy of BMLG)

Congratulations to Tim McGraw who just scored his latest #1 song with “7500 OBO,” off his Here on Earth album. Tim was instantly drawn to the song the first time he heard it because he is a big fan of cars, but he confesses that fixing cars is not part of his passion or his skillset. “No, God no,” says Tim.

He dabbled in working on cars when he was a teenager, but even back then, Tim’s not sure he was all that great at it. “In fact, I had a ‘70 Ford pick-up truck,” he recalls, “and one summer I got bored, and so I took the whole engine out and took everything apart and put it all back together, and I had a whole bucket of stuff left over,” Tim laughs.

Tim never did figure out what all those extra parts were for or where they went in the engine, but he says, “It still ran. It still ran great. Nothing didn’t not work, so I don’t know what all the extra parts were that I had left over. But no, I’m not a mechanic by any means.”

By the way, Tim talked last week about the possibility of “7500 OBO” becoming his next #1 song, and why it would be a special one. “I mean, if we’re fortunate enough that ‘7500 OBO’ becomes a number one record, it’ll be my 45th, which is a pretty special number in our family because, as a lot of people know, my dad was a professional baseball player, and his number was 45. And, you know, he passed on at age 59, quite a few years back, and so I think that song’ll be special because of that number.”