Justin Moore Remains True to His Definition of an Outlaw

Justin Moore
(Photo courtesy of BMLG)

Justin Moore is celebrating the 11th anniversary of his sophomore album, Outlaws Like Me, which he released this week in 2011, featuring “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” “Bait A Hook” and “Til My Last Day.” Justin has always been one of the more traditional sounding artists in country music, no matter what trends have popped up throughout his career. A lot of that has to do with Justin’s admiration and respect for the outlaws of country music. When Justin explained the title of his sophomore album and what being an outlaw meant to him, he said, “An outlaw, I would describe as somebody doin’ somethin’ that’s not the popular thing to do. If you relate it to music, the guys – Hank and Waylon and Willie and those guys – were doin’ music that they wanted to do, and they didn’t really care what anybody else thought.”

That’s basically the way Justin has approached his career throughout the years – staying true to his roots, sticking to the kind of music he wants to make, even if it’s not what everybody else is making at the moment, “Just kinda steppin’ outside the box regardless what the popular thing was to do,” says Justin.

That attitude has paid off for Justin with a deeply loyal fan base, a steady touring schedule and ten #1 songs he’s proud to play every night.