Thinking About Soldiers Who Volunteer to Protect Our Freedom is a Gut Check for Brett Young

Brett Young
Brett Young (Photo courtesy of BMLG)

Brett Young never served in the military, so when he thinks of the bravery and the sacrifice the men and women who do make that choice, he is humbled. “I think the ability to put your life on the line, at any capacity, for people that you don’t know is the definition of a hero.”

Brett says seeing people willingly put themselves in harm’s way and lay their lives on the line, “It’s a gut check thing when you see it going on because nobody is immune to asking themselves the question, ‘Would I be willing to do that?’. We all do that, whether we want to admit what the answer is, is a different thing. But it turns this microscope back in on yourself and you have to go, wow, how special of a person to be willing to take that risk for me. I don’t know if I would return the favor.”

So, with Memorial Day coming up this weekend, Brett says, “We need to remember soldiers and people that have gone to war to protect our country and sacrificed of themselves to protect our lives here.”

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and take time to remember.