Brantley Gilbert Shares Some Great Advice He Received About “Celebrating” Memorial Day

Brantley Gilbert
(Photo courtesy of BMLG)

Knowing the solemn reason we celebrate Memorial Day every year in America, Brantley admits, “I went through a phase where I was really weird about celebratin’ Memorial Day, just because I felt weird if I just went and got on a boat somewhere and just partied. I always felt like I was bein’ disrespectful.”

Fortunately, Brantley has a friend in the military who was able to give him some perspective about Memorial Day and why it’s not a bad thing to celebrate and have a good time. His name is Tig, and Brantley says, “He’s been an awesome guy that I can call and be like, ‘Hey man, what’s okay and what’s not?’ I called him, and I was like, ‘Man, just out of curiosity what is the sentiment for Memorial Day? What is that supposed to be for a civilian?’”

Brantley says Tig told him, “We want people to have a good time. I can’t speak for everybody, but speaking for me, that’s what we fought for. A lot of what we fought for was so people have the freedom to celebrate. And we celebrate the memories of the guys and girls we fought with.”

Tig put Brantley’s mind at ease that celebrating Memorial Day by going to the lake or the pool or having a cookout with friends is not disrespectful at all. Tig told him, “We don’t look down on that at all but it is important just to take a moment of silence and make sure you take the time to be reverent for a minute and pay your respects.”

And Brantley says, “I thought that was pretty cool.”

This Memorial Day be safe, have fun and remember.