2021 Wild Game Banquet Raffles Move Online

McLean County Sportsmen's Association

This year would have been the 31st Annual McLean County Sportsmen’s Association Wild Game Banquet. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings the Sportsmen’s Association had to cancel the event.

That doesn’t mean they don’t plan on continuing their mission of “Making McLean County a Better Place for the Kids!” In fact, they are more committed than ever to that goal. They are still planning to have as many events as possible this year like the Youth Antler Hunt, Youth Fishing Derby at Miller Park and much more.

They also plan on continuing their support of local children’s charities and organizations like St. Jude, Special Olympics, Girl Scouts of Central lL, Easter Seals Camp, Toys for Tots, Midwest Food Bank, Autism Society of McLean County and many, many more.

The annual Wild Game Banquet is their biggest fundraiser every year to provide funds for their help in the community. This year the raffles that typically take place at the banquet will be happening online throughout the year. You can go to the McLean County Sportsmen’s Association Facebook page to participate in the raffles. Be sure to “Like” their Facebook page so you don’t miss any of the raffles throughout the year.

You can also simply make a donation to the McLean County Sportsmen’s Association to help fund all of their good work in our communities in and around McLean County. You can also find out how to make a donation at the Association’s Facebook page.

Find the McLean County Sportsmen’s Association on Facebook at:

By: Buck Stevens