Jason Aldean Gets Creative To Let His Kids Play in the Snow Without Gloves [VIDEO]

Jason Aldean Memphis No Gloves
Instagram/Brittany Aldean Screenshot

This is how you know Jason Aldean is from the South and doesn’t normally have to be prepared for Winter weather…

He and his wife Brittany ordered the kids boots and gloves, but they didn’t come in time for the snow and cold weather, but I’m sure the kids begged and pleaded to go outside and play in the white fluffy stuff. Being from the South, they don’t see it very often like we do. But, since the super warm gloves hadn’t come yet, Jason and Brittany had to get a little creative, so they wrapped their hands in plastic bags and rubber bands and sent them outside.

At least they didn’t use duct tape!

You can see from the videos that the kids have gloves, but they are probably just the thin cheap ones, so they weren’t gonna hold up much in the cold and snow. They call it “redneck ingenueity.”

Watch the Aldean’s Family fun right here…


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