Mom Is Like That Foot On The Floor When The World Is Spinning for Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw
(Photo courtesy of BMLG)

Tim McGraw just released his brand new single, “I Called Mama,” and he says,

“(It’s) a song that really, is about connecting, I guess back to what grounds you when life shakes you up. I think we all, literally and figurative, when our life gets out of control, when the world starts getting out of control and you feel a little unbalanced and you can’t quite figure out where a home base is, I think we all want to call mom.”

Even during this time of living through the coronavirus pandemic, people are reaching out more and talking more with their mom and their loved ones, and Tim’s explanation for that is,

“We all wanna connect to something that really matters and something that really grounds us and something that really makes us stop and reflect on who we are, what we are, and what our North Star is, and what our principles are.”

That’s why “I Called Mama” resonates so much with Tim, and why it’s resonating with people everywhere. other people the first time he heard it. So many of us reach out to mom when we need a sense of comfort or reassurance, and Tim believes,

“It’s something about someone who knows you so intimately, and knows who you are from here to there and everywhere in between. You can’t bull-(beep) her. You can for a little while, but she knows who you are and she’ll call you on it.”

Tim offers up this interesting analogy to explain the kind of grounding force that moms have in our lives. He says,

“You know, when you’ve had a little bit too much to drink, and you lay down on the bed and everything starts spinning, and you put your foot on the floor and it sorta stops it, so you kinda fall asleep with one foot on the floor? Well that’s what mom does. She’s that foot on the floor when the world’s spinning.”

Listen for “I Called Mama” by Tim McGraw on Bloomington-Normal’s #1 Country, B104.

Tim’s new music video for the song features photos and video clips submitted by fans. Some will make you smile and laugh, some may make you tear up. Watch the music video at the bottom of the page.

Who do you call when things feel like they are getting out of control in your world?