The Office Cast Reunites For Zoom Wedding With Zac Brown [VIDEO]

Zoom Wedding
Some Good News YouTube

John Krasinski just threw an epic virtual wedding for two diehard fans of The Office on his web series Some Good News, and he asked Zac Brown to handle the walk down the aisle with a brand new, never before heard song from the Zac Brown Band.

I am LOVING John Krasinski’s SGN web series, because it’s exactly what we need right now…Some Good News. This weekend, not only did John bring us some good news, but he also surprised us with a zoom wedding attended by his former costars from The Office, AND Zac Brown!

On Sunday’s episode we meet Susan and John, who met and fell in love. They bonded over their love of the beloved sitcom, so when John decided to pop the question to Susan, he did it outside of a gas station convenience store, which is exactly how Jim (John’s character) proposed to Pam on The Office.

Once John saw the proposal online, he knew he had to make the event larger than life for these two lovebirds, so he got ordained to officiate the couples wedding, and invited their parents and best friends to witness. But they weren’t the only guests…John also invited Jenna Fischer to play the role of Maid of Honor, and it wouldn’t have been complete without some of the other beloved cast as well, so Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling, Angela Kinsey, and many more joined in on the fun.

But, the surprises didn’t stop there. One of the most special moments is when a father walks his daughter down the aisle, and since COVID messed that up for Susan and her father Sid, John decided to try and make it as special as possible by surprising them with Zac Brown to sing a new song for the special moment.

Cue the tears as the whole family watched as Susan told her father how much she loved him, and Zac sang his new, unreleased song, “The Man Who Loves You Most” for the special Zoom Wedding.