#PoorJennifer: Woman Caught Using The Bathroom On Video Call

More and more of us are working from home these days, and it can be challenging to continue meetings with coworkers when you aren’t all in the office together.
Luckily for many of us, their are video conference calls. I say lucky for many of us, because it was very unlucky for one woman named Jennifer.
Jennifer was on a Zoom call with her coworkers when she needed to go to the bathroom. In order to not interrupt the meeting, she stayed on the video call, but unfortunately for her coworkers they say everything. Jennifer forgot to turn the camera off during the teleconference, so everyone saw her pull down her pants and squat on the toilet.
One of her coworkers yelled “Oh My God, Jennifer” but it was too late. Jennifer quickly turned off the camera when one of her male coworkers responded “I saw nothing.”
If that’s not embarrassing enough, someone from the call posted the video on social media and #PoorJennifer started trending immediately.