Chris Harrison Says The Drama Didn’t End When The Cameras Stopped Rolling On Bachelor Finale [VIDEO]

Chris Harrison
YouTube Chris Harrison

For the first time in my life, I would like to apologize to the Bachelor’s Chris Harrison for not believing him when he said, “This will be the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history…”

Normally I role my eyes, and think “yeah right!”, but not last night….

Let the people in the back hear me…NOT LAST NIGHT!

There was so much drama surrounding Peter’s mom Barb, that Wednesday became Barb Meme Wednesday and everyone shared their favorite.

Just to recap, Barb hates Madison. Peter loves Madison. Peter loves his mother. Barb REALLY loves her son, like really, like it’s creepy Barb, like let him live his own life already.

Well, apparently there was even more drama after the camera’s stopped rolling at the finale, and Chris Harrison is giving us the tea…



Chris Harrison
Youtube Chris Harrison