Alligator Spotted In Chicago Park

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According to the AP, authorities have confirmed that a 4-5 foot alligator is living in a lagoon at Humboldt Park located in Chicago’s West Side.

How does an alligator end up in a Chicago park? Police are pretty sure someone had the animal as a pet and then released it into the lagoon after realizing that THEY HAD A FREAKING 4-5 FOOT ALLIGATOR AS A PET AND IT WAS PROBABLY GOING TO EAT THEM!

But I digress…

Alligator traps have been placed with the hopes that the animal can be safely removed and taken to a zoo where it can see a Vet. According to the Chicago Tribune, a volunteer named Alligator Bob (seriously, that’s the name he wanted to use) said the goal is to safely catch the animal without harming it.

~ Hunter