Which States Have the Worst Roads?

Road construction work zone
(Photo via Pixabay.com/Credit: WikimediaImages)

Where do you think Illinois ranks on the list of states with the worst roads?

We’ve all complained about the quality of the roads and how our state neglects to repair them. But, based on a recent report we don’t live in a state that is among the worst at repairing their roads. Believe it or not we don’t even fall in the Top 12!

Transportation of America just released their “Repair Priorities 2019” report, which lists the states with the worst roads.

Forbes revealed the top 12 states with the worst roads based on percentage of roads classified as being in “poor condition.” Coming in first place is Rhode Island (53% of roads considered to be in “poor condition”) followed by California (45%), Hawaii (42%), Connecticut (34%), New Jersey (34%), Oklahoma (33%), New Mexico (31%), West Virginia (31%), Massachusetts (30%), Mississippi (30%), Pennsylvania (30%), and lastly Washington (29%).

The states with the best rating were Idaho and Tennessee. Only 5% of the roads in these two states were classified as being in “poor condition.”

Apparently Illinois ranked mid-pack among states with roads in “poor condition” at 25th according to USA Today.

Are you shocked Illinois isn’t in the top 12 on this list of states with bad roads? Will this information make you complain less?

By: Buck Stevens