Did Blake Shelton get any Artist for Team Blake on Season 15 Premiere of ‘The Voice’? [VIDEOS]

Blake Shelton on the season 15 premiere of 'The Voice.'
(Photo credit: YouTube)

Last night (9/24) season 15 of The Voice premiered. Did Blake Shelton press his button for any artists? If so, did he score any for Team Blake?

Blake was joined by Adam Levine as in every season of the show in the big red chairs for the first night of the Blind Auditions. This season reigning season 14 winning coach Kelly Clarkson returned for her second season. Jennifer Hudson also makes her return for her second season in the red chair in the United States version of the show. Jennifer has been a coach on The Voice UK twice as well.

Since it was the season premiere, you know that every coach would hit their button during the show. You also should have known that every coach would get at least one artist for their team by the end of the episode. It would be a major mistake not to get the fan bases of each coach engaged night one of the new season.

17-year-old Mercedes Ferreira-Dias returned to the Blind Auditions for a second time after not getting a chair to turn in season 14. When she saw how close Kelly came to pressing her button during her first audition and the kind words Adam encouraging her to come back and try again, she did. This time Mercedes sang Sara Bareilles’ “She Used to Be Mine.” Her performance was enough to not only get Kelly to actually press her button this time, it also motivated Blake to press.

While it seemed Kelly had the advantage in this situation Mercedes chose to join Team Blake.

Kameron Marlowe is a 21-year-old country music hopeful. He strummed his acoustic guitar while singing “One Number Away” by Luke Combs. Both Kelly and Blake pressed their buttons for Kameron. Adam says he didn’t press his button because he didn’t think he would have a chance anyway. However, he asked Blake if he could do his “Blake Shelton” impersonation for him. After Adam’s “performance” he asked Kameron if he would have had a chance, the reply was “no.”

Kelly tried to do her own version of the “Block” by standing in front of Blake. However, either Adam’s impersonation was good or Kameron already had his mind made up (the more likely option) because even with Kelly saying “Don’t do it” Kameron picked Blake as his coach.

Kelly would get another chance to battle Blake for a country artist when Mikele Buck came to the stage and performed Brooks & Dunn’s “She Used To Be Mine.” She tried to use the ploy of waiting for the last second to press her button so that Blake wouldn’t have a chance. However, as Adam pointed out to her that was a “rookie mistake.” Adam then coached Kelly on how to go against Blake to have a chance to get the artist to choose her over him.

Adam helped Blake previously and this time he helped Kelly as Mikele chose to join Team Kelly.

The last performer of the episode was Kennedy Holmes’ cover of Adele’s “Turning Tables.” She motivated all four coaches to press their buttons. The coaches were floored when they found out she was just 13-years-old. When Jennifer Hudson talked to her it was obvious how connected to the superstar the hopeful was. The two even performed a short duet of Jennifer’s song “I Am Changing” to make a dream come true for the young girl.

It was no surprise when Kennedy chose Jennifer as her coach which you can see in the second video below. I included this Blind Audition not just because it was a four-chair turn, but because I agree with the coaches that this young girl could be the winner of season 15.

Jennifer Hudson ended the night with three artists on her team while Blake, Adam and Kelly all scored two artists for their respective teams.

The new twist to season 15 of The Voice is an online feature called “The Comeback Stage.” Kelsea Ballerini is choosing six artists that did not get a chair to turn to give a second chance to get to the live shows. Ayanna Joni became the first choice by the “Fifth Coach” on The Voice to receive a second chance.

The Blind Auditions continue tonight on The Voice Season 15 as the coaches keep trying to fill their teams with artists they feel can make it to the end with a shot to win. How many artists will choose Blake Shelton tonight? We will find out at 7 PM central time (8 PM eastern time) on NBC.

By: Buck Stevens