What is that “Dome-Like Thing” on stage at Chris Stapleton Concerts?

Chris Stapleton on stage
Chris Stapleton on stage in Bloomington, IL 04-29-17, (Photo credit: Lyndsie Schlink/B104)

That “dome-like thing” on the stage at Chris Stapleton concerts is not a “Death Star,” but what is it?

Chris realizes most people have no idea what the structure (pictured below) is, “People look at it and it looks like a ‘Thunderdome’ and don’t know what it is,” he confesses.

Chris Stapleton's concert stage
Chris Stapleton’s concert stage in Bloomington, IL 04-29-17, (Photo credit: Lyndsie Schlink/B104)

That leaves us with the question, what is it? “It’s a giant diffuser is what it is,” Chris explains, “It’s meant to tune a stage every night, but also it hopefully gives more consistencies sonically in the show.”

Chris decided to have the structure multi-task for his concerts and he realizes that gives it a whole different look. “After we built it, we put some lights on it and it happens to look like the ‘Death Star’ or something,” he confesses.

No matter what you think it looks like, if you have been to a Chris Stapleton concert you know it does its job because the music coming off the stage always sounds great!

Chris is out on his “All-American Roadshow” tour and you can find out where it will stop to see the “Thunderdome-Death Star” stage diffuser in person by clicking here.

Chris just revealed that he and his wife Morgane are expecting twins! Get more details about that here.

Chris Stapleton will release his new album titled “From A Room: Volume 2” December 1, 2017 … just in time for Christmas!

By: Buck Stevens