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You can also collect points to your B104 Insider account by simply doing what you already do, listen to B104! Three times a day Monday through Friday we give you a reward word live on the air. Those bonus words are worth an additional 2,500 points to you when you enter them in the “Listen and Win” section of the B104 Insiders. Listen at 7:20am, 1:20pm and 5:20pm to get the bonus words.

You can also get points by being a friend of B104 on Facebook. Click “Like” on our page so that you will get the daily Facebook Reward Word update on your timeline. Then, enter that to your B104 Insiders account to collect the bonus points. If you are not Familiar with the B104 Insiders, you may be thinking: “What are all these points that I am collecting for?”

That’s one of the best parts of being a member of the B104 Insiders. Just for being a member you get access to exclusive winning! Concert tickets, meet-n-greet passes, iPads, gift cards, cash and so much more are available for you to win exclusively with your B104 Insider reward points.

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By: Buck Stevens