Reba McEntire Was Rescued After Stairs Collapse In Old Building

Reba McEntire
(Photo courtesy of UMG Nashville)

Thankfully Reba McEntire is ok!

Reba expressed gratitude yesterday after she was rescued by Firefighters from a historic building in Atoka, Oklahoma, after the staircase collapsed.

Reba and her boyfriend. Rex Linn, were on the 2nd floor of a 100-year-old building when the stairs leading to the third floor collapsed.

She was touring the historic site as a possibility for an upcoming project. The building was in the middle of being renovated at the time.

Firefighters rescued everyone down a very long ladder. One person went to the hospital with minor injuries. Reba was touring the building to maybe use for an upcoming project.

Watch Reba get rescued below!

Glad you are ok Reba!