Chicago Gator Update! Gator Now Has A Name

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Yesterday we gave you the story of an alligator living in Humboldt Park. The gator, who has been named ‘Chance The Snapper‘ remains at large!

But don’t worry! Alligator Bob remains on the case! According to ABC7 in Chicago, Bob (who works with the Chicago Herpetological Society and doesn’t want people to know his real name for some reason) said, “We have been finding him moving around now. Eventually he’s going to find a trap and move into it.”

The plan is to trap the gator and take it to a zoo for medical treatment. Apparently the first traps they put out for the pesky gator were eaten by turtles.

To recap, there is a gator named Chance The Snapper living in a lagoon in Humboldt Park and there is a man named Alligator Bob searching for him.

2019…what a time to be alive.

~ Hunter