Would You Be OK with Anti-Speeding Tech in Your Car? Survey Shows Most People Would

Radar gun locked on car driving 83mph
Radar gun locked on car driving 83mph (Photo credit: YouTube)

Would you be OK if cars had technology that would help stop you from speeding? A recent survey found that most people would.

Starting next month in Europe, tech that alerts you if you are speeding will be required in vehicles. Although the feature will be able to be turned off. Some people here in the United States think this is a good idea to bring across the pond. So, an insurance company conducted a survey about the idea.

The poll revealed that 60% of Americans felt that this kind of tech in your car would be okay. They feel it could make roads safer and help you avoid speeding tickets. If the tech would result in cheaper insurance, 70% said they would be good with it.

Another idea was that manufactures make the gas pedal hard and harder to push the faster your drive. There were 51% of those surveyed that would be good with that idea.

The least popular idea was that engines include limiters that would not allow you to speed. The majority were against this idea, although 48% though it was a decent idea.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens