Watch: Thomas Rhett Trolls Brother Over Music Choices

Thomas Rhett and Tyler Lankford
Thomas Rhett (Photo courtesy of BMLG) and Tyler Lankford (Photo Credit: video)

Thomas Rhett caught his younger brother Tyler Lankford listening to his music during a family beach outing and shared the moment on social media.

“Rare sighting of my little brother listening to my music,” the country singer wrote in the text on a social media video with the caption #onlylistenstozachbryan.

Fans gushed about the new song and asked when it would be released. Others wondered if Lankford was single. Thomas’ mother, Paige, and stepfather, Tim Lankford, had the 19-year-old in 2005. Lankford is Rhett’s half-brother.

What was the last thing your siblings did in support of you?