Listen: Miranda Lambert Shares New Song “Wranglers”

Miranda Lambert "Wranglers" single cover
(Photo courtesy of Big Loud/Republic Records)

Miranda Lambert surprised Stagecoach concertgoers by debuting her new song “Wranglers” live. Today she dropped the studio version.

The song, which she describes as a tale of empowerment and revenge, reflects a woman reclaiming her strength.

Miranda expressed excitement about the new song, stating that the song has a similar intensity to her hit “Gunpowder & Lead” and is eager to share her new music with fans.

“I think we can all identify with the character in this song, because we have all had a time in our life that we needed to find a way to find our strength and also get a little revenge on someone that did us wrong or hurt us.”

What do you think of Miranda Lambert’s new song, “Wranglers?”

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens