Mitchell Tenpenny Shares Story Behind New Song “Breaking My Heart”

Mitchell Tenpenny
(Photo courtesy of SMN/Credit: Chelsea Rochelle)

Singer-songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny shares the song behind his new song “Breaking My Heart.”

“My song ‘Breaking My Heart’ is all about after a breakup and you’re trying to get over somebody, it just seems like everything around you reminds you of them. You try to go away. Try to go to the bar, maybe you see the same car they drove, but no matter how far you try to run away, it seems like they just keep coming in and getting closer, I think we’ve all been there a little bit and it’s a song that definitely relates to me, and I’m sure it relates to a lot of y’all as well.”

Check out the official music video for “Breaking My Heart” by Mitchell Tenpenny below.

How did you finally get over somebody when you saw them in everything around you?

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens