Old Dominion Shares Inspiration for song “Hawaii” at Concert IN Hawaii

Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion on stage in Hawaii
(Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville)

Old Dominion performed a concert in Hawaii January 4th. During that show, the groups lead singer Mathew Ramsey shared the inspiration for their song “Hawaii” before the group performed it.

“Before we play this, I just want to say this song has been really special to us. It was a special time when we created it, it was during, it was during the COVID. Lockdown. We went to North Carolina to make an album. And we were- everything was shut down. And it was a time when we needed to be together and create something. And they tell you, you know, as a songwriter that you should write what you know. And a lot of times you write about different things. But, we knew that we had such a magical time the first and second time that we came here to Hawaii. That morning we were … we were having coffee and there was a coffee mug in the studio that said Hawaii. And then and then we were having a Hawaiian dinner that night. So we decided to write about something we love.”

The song can be found on the 2021 Old Dominion album titled Time, Tequila & Therapy. If you haven’t heard the song, check out the lyric video for it below.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens