Plane Carrying Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Equipment Issues

Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan
Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan (Photo credit: video)

Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean were in St. Louis for the Archery Trade Association’s (ATA) annual show when their plane had to make an emergency landing due to equipment issues. They live-streamed on Instagram from a Dairy Queen drive-thru.

“We duck hunted this morning. We flew to St. Louis. We landed. We did the ATA Show with Buck Commander,” said Luke. Jason added, “And we were supposed to get back on the plane, fly back, it was gonna be a 30-minute flight. Easy, easy.”

But, things didn’t exactly go as planned, as Luke describes: “It was so cold. In St. Louis it’s like, 16 degrees, wind was blowing 40 miles an hour. Some of the instruments on the plane were not (working)…so we had to turn and land. And yeah, it was a little tense.”

And Jason described just how tense those moments were: “Our plane, we thought, was gonna fall out of the sky.”

Watch the Instagram Live video here.

What is the scariest flight you’ve ever been on?