Christmas List PowerPoint Presentations are the New Trend for Kids

2 girls sharing their Christmas List PowerPoint presentations
(Photo credit: TikTok Videos)

There was a time when kids made Christmas lists. There was a time when kids would circle what they wanted in a catalog. Now is apparently the time when kids make PowerPoint presentations as a Christmas list.

Last year Kristiana Tiana went viral with her Christmas List PowerPoint presentation.

The presentations are pretty slick. They can include links to websites to make it easy for the parents to purchase items from the list. The practice seems to be picking up steam this year. Below is a video of another girl and her Christmas List PowerPoint presentation.


Christmas List Slideshow from my oldest child 😭 helpppp me!!! @Stanley 1913 @Nike @apple #christmas #Christmaspresentation #kidsoftiktok #momlifebelike

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If you search you can find even more. The one thing the Christmas List PowerPoint presentations from the kids does not provide for their parents is a way to pay for the items.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens