Teacher on TikTok Makes Math Fun with Morgan Wallen Remix

Margan Wallen and Faith McPeek
Margan Wallen and Faith McPeek (Photo credits: Ryan Smith & tiktok.com/@mcpeek_teaches video)

Math can be tough, but a good teacher can make it enjoyable, which is what one TikTok teacher did by using a Morgan Wallen song to teach counting.

Faith McPeek (@mcpeek_teaches) is a third-grade teacher on TikTok who shares videos about her experiences in education and the classroom. 

In her latest post she is seen teaching students to count by 9s to Morgan Wallen’s song, “Last Night.” 

The whole class enjoyed the lesson. The video has received over 26 million views so far. Watch the video below.

Which one of your teachers made learning fun?