Two Country Hits May Land Grammy Nods for Record of the Year, a Rarity

Morgan Wallen (L) and Luke Combs (R)
Morgan Wallen (L) and Luke Combs (R) (Photo credits: John Shearer and Jeremy Cowart)

Two country hits may be nominated for record of the year at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, marking the first time since Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” and Luke Combs’ remake of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” could make the finals. 

Luke’s hit has a better chance of being nominated than Morgan’s. Luke has six Grammy nominations, but no wins. Chapman’s original version was nominated for record and song of the year. Morgan hasn’t been nominated for a Grammy yet.

If both hits are nominated, it would be the first time in 46 years that two or more country hits have competed in this category. The Grammy nominations won’t be announced until November 10th, but both Luke and Morgan are expected to be among the top artists for nods.

Which song do you think will be nominated, Morgan Wallen’s song, Luke Combs’ song or both?

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens