Nate Smith Previews a Typical Day On The Road with Thomas Rhett

Nate Smith

Nate Smith, who is opening for Thomas Rhett’s “Home Team Tour 23,” along with Cole Swindell, recently shared their pre-show routine.

“TR is golfing every day, so he’s off golfing in the mornings. I’m not sure if Cole’s been going out with him or not. But, we usually wake up, we have breakfast, and we just start our day like normal,” shares Nate. 

“And then I’m doing different interviews and stuff like that, and pretty soon, I’ll be writing as well. Our load-in is at 12, and then sound check. We usually take the stage around three, so we do a little bit of lunch as well,” he continues.

“After sound check, it’s kind of like we’re prepping for the show, so we’re going and getting showered and ready to rock and roll. It’s pretty normal for the most part. The food’s amazing, and the crew’s been really good to us,” adds the singer-songwriter.

Check out the debut #1 song “Whiskey on You” as well as the new single from Nate Smith “World On Fire” below.

(Photo courtesy of SMN/Credit: Matthew Berinato)

By” Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens