Morgan Wallen Introduces His Signature Sweet Tea

Morgan Wallen Ryl Sweet Tea promotional picture

Many successful country artists have their own signature booze. Morgan Wallen is not eliminating the under-21-crowd by having a signature sweet tea.

Thursday (5/26) Morgan announced his collaboration with the Ryl (pronounced “real”) Company to release his own signature sweet tea. Morgan is a native of east Tennessee and calls his zero-sugar beverage the “Taste of Tennessee.”

The website states

Savor the taste of Tennessee with this zero-sugar, 5-calorie delight! Crafted without artificial ingredients, it’s a guilt-free pleasure. Packed with 200mg of tea polyphenols, it’s a refreshing boost of antioxidants. Plus, our 100% recyclable packaging ensures a sustainable sip. Indulge in the essence of Tennessee while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Pure sweetness, Nashville-style!

A one-time 12-pack purchase of the beverage is $29.99. With a subscription that price drops to $25.49. However, the drink is already Sold Out on the website. You will have to keep checking back if you want to order some.

What is your favorite drink in the summertime?

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By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens