Justin Moore’s Previous Duet Partner Added a Little Pressure for Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block and Justin Moore
Priscilla Block and Justin Moore (Photo courtesy of BMLG/Credit: Cody Villalobos)

When Priscilla Block went into the studio to record her part for “You, Me & Whiskey,” the duet she sings with Justin Moore, she got a little nervous when she found out about Justin’s only other female duet partner. Oddly enough, it was a story about a marsupial that helped distract Priscilla from her nerves.

Priscilla Block – “Well, when I went into the studio that day, your producer was like, ‘The only other female duet that Justin‘s done was with Miranda.’“

Justin Moore – “It was, yeah.“

Priscilla – “And so I’m walking in there, and I’m like, oh my God! Like, no pressure at all, you know? I was just hoping that I’m gonna hit the right notes. But it was so funny, he told me the story about how when Miranda came in, she had like a baby kangaroo in her purse.”

Justin – “Mmm hmm.”

I guess Priscilla conquered her nerves enough, the collaboration is well inside the top 30 and still climbing on the country singles charts. Check out the music video below and see what you think.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens