Brett Young’s Wife Usually Gets the World Premiere of All the Songs He Writes

Brett Young and his wife Taylor in 'You Didn't' music video
(Photo credit: YouTube)

Brett Young writes most of the songs he records. His wife Taylor is usually the first person to hear all of those songs before anyone else.

“She gets, usually gets the demo on a song write before I’ve even driven all the way home. Like, I’ll get it and then drive home and send it to her, and by the time I get home… That’s how she heard ‘Lady’ for the first time. She was like, ugly crying by the time I got home. So, it’s a fun process. I think Taylor’s my biggest fan. My mom would say she’s my biggest fan, but I think there’s a tossup there.”

It would be interesting to know what Taylor thought of the demo of Brett’s latest song, “You Didn’t,” since it was inspired by one of their big break-ups before they were married.