Brett Young Got Great Advice About Being a Girl Dad from His Father-In-Law

Brett Young
Brett Young (Photo credit: Curtis Hilbun,

Brett Young is the dad to two toddlers – Presley (3) and Rowan (1½). Eventually they will grow up to be young girls, and then teenagers. Brett is so glad his father-in-law gave him some great advice about staying in his lane as a girl dad.

“My wife’s dad has two girls. Now I have two girls. My dad just had a boy. I thought forever that I would lean on my dad for parenting advice, and I do because he was an incredible dad. But, it’s a very specific thing to be a dad that only had girls. And my father-in-law was able to just give advice about how entirely acceptable it is to stay out of every conversation that’s outside of your skill set. And so, I’m like, I don’t know what’s happening here. These girls seem like you’re having a conversation that is completely foreign to me. So, I’m gonna be over here. You just let me know if I need to like take out the trash or something, ’cause I’m hangin’.”

However, if Brett’s daughters ever need to listen to sad songs to help heal their broken hearts, that’s right in the middle of Brett’s lane. He can help with songs like his latest single, “You Didn’t.”

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens