Dwayne Johnson Visits 7-Eleven Where He Used To Shoplift As A Kid To ‘Right The Wrong’ 

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Photo/YouTube The Rock Interview

Dwayne Johnson is clearing up his guilty conscience and righting his wrongs, while back in his hometown in Hawaii. 

He said that when he was 14, he used to steal king-size Snickers bars from the local 7-Eleven. 

He said, “We were evicted from Hawaii in ’87, and after all these years ― I finally got back home to right this wrong, I finally exorcised this damn chocolate demon that’s been gnawing at me for decades.” 

In a video he shared to his socials, he bought every Snickers bar in the shop and paid for the purchases for all of the customers in the store too. 

He continued, “We can’t change the past and some of the dumb stuff we may have done, but every once in a while we can add a little redeeming grace note to that situation — and maybe put a big smile on some stranger’s faces.”